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A Great Place in Thailand

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The city's colorful main markets are worth visiting, especially in the early morning, and the two municipal parks are excellent venues for relaxation and local people-spotting. Numerous examples of Sino-Portuguese architecture, and a languid, laid back local flavour enhance the overall impression that Trang is a lovely little place to be. For the first-time travelers with an itinerary including the national parks, the beaches and the tropical islands , it also gives a warm feeling of anticipation that, quite correctly, the best bits are still to come.

Worth watching out for are local presentations of typical southern Thai entertainment such as the graceful Manora or Nora dance performances, Nang Thalung (shadow puppet play) and Likae Pa (song and dance drama).

The plenty of bai toey (pandanus leaves) makes Trang an excellent source of items woven from this durable plant, particularly mats, which make useful items in any household, large or small. The province is also well known for cotton weaving, and there are some lovely patterns available which are unique to this part of Thailand. Other locally made products include woodcarvings, basketry, rubberwood toys, and attractive woven clothes.

Recommended to try a beverage called"kopii" which is a dark, pulse-quickening brew of "bag coffee" routinely reinforced with a bottom layer of sweetened condensed milk. This hearty beverage, much favored by locals, is created (usually with some ceremonial dexterity) using a grimy-looking cloth strainer, and served in a small glass. Many of these establishments are interesting in themselves, often decorated with aging sepia photographs, and characterized by senior citizens. Cool marble-topped tables predominate, each one sporting a self-service plate of tasty local snacks, including pa thongko (Chinese doughnuts) a variety of dim sim, and numerous other goodies, all definitely worth a try.

Annual Events

1.) Underwater Wedding: held in every Valentine's Day. The underwater world is so popular in Trang that it is the venue for an annual underwater wedding ceremony, with couples coming from around the world to get married in scuba gear.

2.) The August Cake Festival :held in August every year. This festival reflects Trang's reputation for making delicious cakes. The tasty confections come in a variety of flavours - including coffee, orange, pandanus, banana, and taro, or in delicious 'deluxe' three-flavored combinations.

3.) Trang Products Fair: in April, which combines culture, traditions, and local products with various colourful contests, and pageants.

4.) The Trang Roast Pork Festival: is held every September, and features crispy roast pork made with a special recipe, which includes a marinade of aromatic herbs.

5.) Chinese Vegetarian Festival :normally held in October every year on a full-moon night. This provides colourful processions, celebrations and remarkable physical feats of endurance by ascetics, including body piercing, and self-flagellation.

6.) The Ta Phao Shell Festival: is aimed at promoting the conservation of nature, and is held at Pak Meng Beach every November.

Around Trang

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