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General Information

Trang province is a small town in the south of Thailand. It is situated approximately 828 kilometers from Bangkok. Trang is amazingly well endowed with natural beauty; its other great asset is being one of Thailand's little-known tourist secrets. Trang is considered as a magnificent coastal province as it long, beautiful coastline stretches 199 kilometers along the Indian Ocean and beautiful underwater scenery at numerous offshore islands. Trang has geographical advantages similar to that of Krabi and Phang-Nga. This includes breathtaking islands and astounding beaches along the coast as well as awe-inspiring inland limestone- propped mountains. In additional Trang has own distinctive brand of rich coffee named “Kao-Chong”

Trang Town is very clean and peaceful but has many good restaurants and hotels, high-class and budget. Good markets and several nice parks. Trang Town won prices as being the cleanest town in Thailand! Trang has domestic airport that has opened up the region to tourism

Forests, lakes, waterfalls and rivers are plentiful within the Trang province. Khlong Lamchan Waterfowl Park is a popular attraction, as is the Khao Chong Wildlife and Nature Education Centre, a tropical rainforest with lots of birdlife.

There are plenty of islands within easy reach, with varying degrees of underwater celebrity. Phetra Islands National Park is popular for day visits and diving. Chao Mai National Park includes Kradan islands with its powdery beaches and picturesque coral reefs and Muk island, with the incredible Emerald Cave, whose watery entrance leads to an immense cavern open to the sky.

Moreover, Trang is a prime destination for diving, and the innovative 'weddings underwater' first launched in 1997, is now an annual Valentine's Day event which attracts more people every year, who sign marine marital commitments in Scuba gear at a depth of 12 metres.


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