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Great Destinations

(Reference:Tourism Authority of Thailand )
  • Muk Island
  • the most outstanding attraction in the Trang Sea and an ideal destination for tourists enthralled with nature.The island, which is nearly opposite Hat Chang Lang on the mainland, has impeccable beaches suitable for swimming and camping and lovely corals around the island that are worth exploring. In addition, ...
  • Mu Ko Phetra National Park
  • This marine national park was proclaimed a national park on 31 December 1994. Comprising islands such as Ko Phetra, Ko Khao Yai, Ko Lanti, Ko Lidi, Ko Bulon, Ko Laoliang, and Ko Praoma, the park is accessible from Pak Bara Pier in Satun. The most suitable time to visit the National Park is...
  • Hat Chao Mai National Park
  • This area, which was proclaimed a marine national park on 14 October 1982, covers the 2 districts of Kantang and Sikao. The park headquarters is situated at Chang Lang Beach in Tambon Mai Fat, approximately 47 kilometers from the city.Hat Chao Mai has a 20-kilometer coastline and a...
  • Sukon Island
  • The island has many charming and quiet beaches which are ideal for relaxation. It is a place where visitors can see both rice fields and rubber tree plantations in tiny villages. In addition, it is renowned in the province for its delicious watermelons, which is harvested in March and...
  • Kradan Island
  • One of the most beautiful islands in Trang, Ko Kradan is located about 40 minutes by boat from the mainland. With an area of 600 rai (240 acres), most of the island belongs to Hat Chao Mai National Park. The rest are privately owned rubber and coconut plantations.The island offers good...
  • Rajamangala Beach
  • A private beach located Rajamonkala Institute of Technology, Trang Campus, Tambon Mai Fat. It is a long curve sandy beach along with lovely sea pines and ended with a high limestone moutain. The beach is very clean, peaceful and shady. Tourists can enjoy many activities e.g. swimming, kayaking, relaxing and...
  • Ngai Island
  • A small island with a long sandy beach in the east and unspoiled coral reefs in shallow water at the beachfront, which is an ideal snorkelling spot. It is accessible by a chartered boat from Pak Meng Pier, Trang province....

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