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(Reference:Tourism Authority of Thailand )
  • Transportation in Trang
    • Getting around Trang City :
    • The fare for motorcycle taxis around the town is between 10 baht and 20 baht, while that of tuk-tuks is approximately 15 baht. Motorcycles can be rented from various shops around town.
    • To/From another town:
    • By bus or coach services. Alternatively a coach can be rented from various car rental shops around town.

      The tuk tuk hua kop is a small motorised tricycle with a roof and is one of the last remaining traditional modes of transportation to be seen around Thailand. Unlike the famous tuk tuks found in the capital, the Trang equivalent has its own unique characteristics. It has a modern round steering wheel and accommodates up to five passengers; one person rides in the front cab next to the driver, and the remaining are seated in the back. It is powered by a two-cylinder engine and can reach a speed of 60 kph.

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